Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Back on track again-new books and new art to make

This is the art I am going to do, I want to do it on fabric and I know I can but it is going to take a lot of designing to get it larger to see what I am doing. Bought a program to help but dh has not load it yet nor my ipod..waaaa..click it and it will be larger and the title will be on it..
I bought these four books, the one you can not see is by Stephen King called Duma Key, had to buy it when I read what it was about..I have never bought a book from him before..and the price was just right..lol and it is so thick..
The other 3 are art books, the top one Egyptian Art, Impression, can never get enough of this style of art as I love impression art..and the other one Renaissance Art..I am still reading the Egyptian art, well I read it but keep on going back to it..and also reading and have about an half hour one the newest book from Jennifer Chiavernini called A Quilter's Holiday..what will I read next..I have bought over a dozen books in the last 6 months...read all but 6 so...guess on my mood what I feel like..I have bios of two people, mystery and so on.
Chat: of course there is always a chat section on my blog lol
Quilt University has finally move into that direction and knew one day they would..glad to see them there.
My games I am cutting out a few of them and keeping some of them as I do love a few of them.
Made a lot of new friends online and the games kept me from going insane..so I will never down games on fb ever..it is addicting but I now have and hope to have my life back for good..as long as I can take Celebrex I will be fine..
Christmas was not the same this year as my spirits was really low and sorry I brought that upon my family but we did have a great meal at my son's place..New Year as usual we stay home..we don't go out and venture into the world of a bunch of people who drink tooo much and think they still can drive..safe at home..
So onto the New Year and it looks good and promising for us..but we will probably have some ups and downs..especially with dh work..they now have me sending in paper work or my dh gets a point against him and after 12 he will get fired..no sick leave here, we used up 3 weeks of vacation last year for Dr's apt for me and him and took days off without pay too...even with a Dr excuse..I had canceled a lot of apt..so when the paper comes in I will be able to make the apts again..it is good for a whole year, oh boy, yippee for us!!! Anyway..I know I won't be seeing that many as last year I had so many test done, it was horrible..won't do them again..either.
I will be adding my progress with my art..I also will start my acrylic are class I have been taking..I have not done one yet and they are the 7th block..but at least I get to pick the one I want to do now...lol..So hoping me back blogging will bring my friends back to my blog..lots of hugs and may the New Year bring to you what your heart's desire..Lorraine

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