Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Silk Paper-Fusion and Contest to Come

A few of the couple of dozen beads of each silk paper I made from cutting the ends of the silk paper. Plain, floss wrapped and fiber wrapped.
I did these two silk papers on Sunday evening. I took photos as I went along so I can show my girls how to make silk paper. I learn this from Martine House class Fabric Pages at QU and further this by taking other classes. These have not being ironed yet.
I just haven't been able to do anything but beads since yesterday. But will get creative again soon. I will make more silk paper beads with these too but I made the warm colors for my son's quilt hoping to use it for fire shooting from the dragons on the top of his quilt. The cool colors are for my charms with 3 swaps.
I have made about 75 beads since yesterday, as if I need more but like I have said before it is very relaxing. I have a Princess House large Brandy dish that I want to fill with all my beads..and when it is full, I will run a contest for all to see if anyone can guess how many I have in this dish..and I will send 100 beads for the first one who gets closer, 75 to the second person and 50 to the third person. My dh husband will count them and keep it to himself till it is over..He does not look forward to counting them..lol so hope you will join in. Give me about another 2 weeks or so..I still have a lot to do..but hey, I will never run out of beads for anything I make. I did 2 crushed red velvet wrapped with twisting copper and gold wire together and it is just so pretty...

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