Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dyeing projects

This is over dyed fabric. If you closely you still the print on them. It was a beige fabric with curls on it. this is from what was left over in my dye grab some fabric to use it up. These are fat quarters and has the motted look. I am not a solid color fabric person so I do not do much of solids..unless I need some graduations in a quilt of some sort.
This is duck canvas, I have been wanting to dye this fabric for a long time. Same colors are used through out my dyeing today, violet, dark green, lime green and dark blue. Colors of fabrics that I am missing in my stash as I use them a lot and considering I love purple and lime green.
These are paper towels, recycled, for my swap..throw them in with the over dyed fabric..I luck out I get printed on one side and solid on the other side..
I have dyes 8 and half yards today but the other that I did stuff and dump need to be ironed but with the storm coming I could not get photos or even ironed them and I am doing this quickly as the electricity has gone off twice. lol..
Of course in between I made more beads..have to get out that brandy dish as I am getting tired of doing them..after three weeks of it any one beads I did today will have embellishments that I have not used on other beads just to be different..I am going to try some crystals, charms..I will sew this on by hand..very therapeutic..See you tomorrow with other dyeing projects.

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