Saturday, May 5, 2007

More Beads/Son visiting NYC

The photo above is Tyvek, Spectra Art Tissue, and Cellophane. Some of the Tyvek have fiber and wire, just wire and decorator's thread. Tissue has wire and fiber. Cellophane has just been painted and embossed.
Here are all of the zapped with the embossing gun. what fun it is to watch the Tyvek shrink. Now I think my girls has them all but for the painted Lutador and a few more. Then again I enjoy doing these in the evenings when relaxing so more will be done later..I now have a very pretty collections of beads. Oh, I have a few up there that has a hoop at the end, I will put these on my son's quilt but it will more than likely may not be done for his birthday on May 13th. but most of it. I will start work on it tomorrow afternoon. Talking about my son, Terrance, he is in NYC and will be at the David Letterman show on Monday. So hopefully I will see him in the audience. lol

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