Sunday, May 20, 2007

Polygram, Lame and Twig Beads

This is the Polygram beads I made and just love them, the photo does them no justice at all.. I am working with all different fabrics till I finished with my girls on the beads lessons, May 31st. This week I will work with clay, Utee and whatever else I can get my hands on..
These are my twig beads. This will come under my Nature Beads. I have some rose petals, leaves and such drying to see if I can not roll them or do some other means to make them beads. The twigs have to be couched on either by hand or by machine. I will not let the flower petals or leaves completely dry so I can have some play with them..we will see if it works. lol
These are not in my contest as I did these after the bowl was full.


Paulette said...

Lorainne, what is a polgram bead

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Paulette, I might have used the wrong name, but it the fabric with those shiny dots on them. I tried to remember what I read at the end of the bolt. if anyone knows for sure what the name is please let me know. hugs, Lorraine

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Paulette, it is called hologram, why I do not know. I just had the wrong letter in there lol..hugs, Lorraine

debms said...

Loved all your beads...I travel up to Memphis to visit and have creative time with friends...Would you be interested in getting together for Stitching Time. I am a rug hooker, fiber person and love of all things hand done. We all have a great time stitching together.

Let me know.

Debbie in MS

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Yes, debm, I would love to email me at I tried to go your link and leave you a message but did not know how. This is going to be exciting. We can discuss this through emails..looking forward to having some fun..hugs, Lorraine

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