Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My days-Sunday and Monday

I haven't done anything on Sunday as we were shopping most of that day. It has taken me almost 2 days to recoperate..lol..I use a cane and when you are not use to walking a lot, like me, it can really wear a person down..my knee hurt like the dickens all night plus my shoulder that I hurt in Oct. I live on Alieve twice a day for my shoulder..Dr just gave me pain pills and no X-rays last year..so I think I need to go back in..

Anyway, I have always love Erma Bombeck. I remember reading her saying than if, as a housewife, you do just one thing a day, no matter what it is, you have accomplished something. Could be something very laboring or something very simple..well I have always applied this to my art. So feeling as tired as I was..I did 15 more paper beads Sunday late night..and yesterday still dragging, I finished the touches on them..so I have accomplished something both days.

Today I am trying to finish my charms..I brush some medium on there and when it is dry I will add some glitter to the edges..back and front. I did try and do a satin stitch, even against my better judgement, and I just could not get it right..

I also posted to my group directions on how I made my Tyvek beads..Now they have the whole month to finish the 3 types of beads we are doing. What makes my heart sing is to get an email from them and how exciting their emails are that I can feel it through the posting..what fun and joy. Thank you girls for that...
Above is two photos of my Peonies, pink and white. The white peony is over 25 years old. When I bought this house in 1986, she had the plants for about 5 years. The fragrance it puts out is out of this world. The pink one I planted about 5 years ago and finally producing more flowers. I have a red one that it has taken this long to produce one flower, it is almost ready to bloom, well it is suppose to be red but the bud does not look red..we will see.

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