Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hat-Bonnet Pin Cushion swap

It is finished, I just hope she likes it. I have made and added fabric beads that match the fabric and attached it with the foo foo, yarn, and added a tail. Wanted to make my own pins, but as usual I can not find the stick pin to make these will have to do. I think it came out pretty good a novice. I did make a pin cushion for my old group. It was suppose be a flower and every one thought is was a butterfly, lol. So I just added antennas..I had forgotten about that..
This is what I have been working all evening with the help of my sister, Mary. We are doing it through web cam. lol..I have sewed just about everything in my life, but a pin cushion. Why, because she has made all mine for I joined in a pin cushion group and signed up for this one. It may not look like much but hoping adding beads, maybe make some in the same fabric will help spruce it up a bit.


Mary said...

Love your bonnet pin cushions what wonderful colors....and those flowers are simply, Mary (now a blogger) lol...

Lorraine's Stuff said...

thank you sis for the comment you are a good teacher, love Lorraine

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