Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Hand Dyed Fabrics

The above is 2 and half yards of unbleach muslin. Stuff and Dump in a butter dish. it is not tie dying. I have all 4 of dyes here, violet, lime, green and blue.
The top is the whole piece adn below is a close up.

The above threes pieces is my linen. The first one is the whole piece and the other two below are the close ups.. Stuff and Dump with 4 dyes. Not tie dyeing.

These 4 yards are stuff and dump, deep violet, dark green, lime green and dark blue. Stuff and dumps looks like tie dyeing but it is not..These are dyed in a very small bowl.. These I did 2 days ago but could not get to them to take photos. ..Hope you enjoy looking at them as I do. I could have dyed another 20 yards!! lol


Jana B said...

That looks SO FUN!!!!!! I've got to try that one of these days!

Lorraine's Stuff said...

It is fun Jana, the photos did not come out as wonderful as the true fabrics. hugs, Lorraine

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