Monday, May 7, 2007

Farewell to my best friends

The saying says "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever" I believe too. I went to see Fr. Rick's grave today on my birthday. Did I have closer, no, I will never have closer for Fr. Rick. When God made FR. Rick, he broke the mold, there could never ever be another Fr. Rick. It was wonder that God let you be in my life and an honored to have known you the way I did. I do not know what to have expected but thought there would be a photo on his grave of him and a larger stone. Doing genealogy, I found so many photos on graves. It is what Fr. Rick would have done anyway. He was not one to go fancy..miss you so much..

Fr. Rick died April 19, 2006. ..He meant a lot to me and one person that I had admired and worshipped a lot. He was another best friend to me.
Yesterday my best friend, ever, died yesterday, Donna.
Donna had a aneurysm and stroke last July. From what I understand is that she never recovered from this. I haven't seen Donna for about 4 months, as her family would not let any of her friends see her and would never answer the phone. I sent her cards all the time and the last card was her birthday card. I made sure that every card I sent I let her know that I loved her. I told her that I talk to her, prayed and thought of her every day. Told her that no matter what happened I was there in spirit with her. It hurts to know that we never got together again because others.
Fr. Rick, Donna and I would met for lunch about every 3 months. In August of 2005 in an email he wanted to meet for lunch, I had to tell I could not as I was having surgery on my knee and that Donna schedule was hectic. So we decided for September but then we all were too busy and could not..We never had the last lunch with each other. After Fr. Rick died, Donna and I would talk about every week and than in July I did not hear from her so thought she was extremely busy working and taking care of her family as she was the only one working. Now I know why, she had her stroke and aneurysm.
The last memory of Fr. Rick is when he came to see my Mom and DH when they were in the hospital in June of 2005 and he was back to being a priest and thought he was cancer free. We visit my dh first on the 5th floor and than mom on the 3rd floor..before he left he asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee and we did. We got to talk and I had some wonder special moments with him.
The last time I saw Donna was when we went to visit her while she was at home..they almost did not let us in but then the door opened and I walked right in followed by my dh..She was in a wheel chair and she had the biggest smile on her face when she saw me. She still could not talk very well but she understood everything I said..I could not say what I wanted to as her husband was there and I could see her getting a little agitated as he was the one talking over us and we kept having to say things over and she did not speak very often.
About a week later I had heard she was going to therapy as she had walked about 15 steps. I tried to find out where she was going to be and they would not tell me where she was going and told me not to visit her. Why they were like this with her friends I have no idea. Donna only existed the last months. I know she would not have wanted to live the rest of her life this. She is now with her mother and Fr. Rick in heaven. I love and miss you both.

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