Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bead Contest

This is my Princess House Brandy Sniffer that is holding all the beads as off last week Friday. It measures 10 1/2 in diameter and from top of the lid to the tip of the pedestal. The top across measures 4 and half inches. This is for fun and there are prizes, if you like beads. I will run it till end of May, 31st. If you can guess how many beads I have in the crystal bowl WITHOUT going over the
prizes are:
First place: 25 beads, 3 fat quarters and 10 yards of yarn.
Second place: 15 beads, 2 fat quarters and 7 yards of yarn.
Third place: 10 beads, 1 fat quarter and 5 yards of yarn.
I have friends that do not have an account with goggle. you can email email me here . Others if you like you can make your guess in the comment area..either way will work.
Only one, please.

Here it is, now make your guess. Click on the picture for a larger view. My dh counted the beads and he knows how many is in this pretty crystal bowl. (I have made more beads since Friday last week but they will not be in this bowl.)


ikkinlala said...

I'm guessing 173 beads. I think they're really pretty!

Maggie said...

my guess is 258 beads

Folkpainter said...

My guess is 217 beads...I love them...Jean

Lynne said...

Beautiful beads - my guess is 287. Lynne

Karrel said...

my guess is 1187

The beads are beautiful! Karrel

Denise said...

My guess is 309. Love the beads. You can send them all to me.


California Fiber artist and composer said...

my guess is 463

Jana B said...

275 is my guess. Nice blog, and fun contest! :o)

Sharon said...

My guess is 312 beads. This is great fun, and a great blog.
Sharon in Colorado

Lorraine's Stuff said...

thank you ikkinlala, maggie, jean, lynne, karrel,denise, ca artist, jana, and sharon for all you kinds words. My dh has all the numbers. this is fun. I have already started to put the packages together so wish you all luck..hugs, Lorraine

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