Friday, May 4, 2007

Red Peony-suppose to be Red

Had a hard time photographing my supposedly RED peony. You can see a tad bit of red but for sure it is not a red one. It has taken 5 years to get this one bloom with this plant. Maybe one year it will turn red. It spans over 5 inches round and has a very sweet fragrance and can not put my finger on it. These are the last of the pink one. they have a spice fragrance to them.
The only flowers, bulb type that I have not taken a photo of is my lilies and tulips..the freeze during Easter killed them as they were sprouting. I know the tulips will come up again in the Fall but not the lilies so will have to wait till next year. All that is left in my yard now is the Hydrangeas and Rose of Sharon's..have about 4 different colors of these. These will come later..

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