Sunday, May 6, 2007

My New Chime-Chat

I bought this chime on Sunday at the NEX, Navy Exchange. It is called Sassy Girl. I have taken of the full length and a close up one. Hanging is bit of a problem right now, I have about 11 chimes and clowns hanging around my home and my dh being 6' 3", we are having a problem of where to hang it. He mentioned outside and told him no I wanted inside my maybe I will hang here in my studio. I will have to take my clown down but maybe because he is small, I can find another place for him.
I will be dyeing fabric, making silk paper and doing some stamping. As I do these I will take photos and put up later.
I have washed my Hummingbird feeders and will put them out today. I have seen 2 so they are here..I used to put one on my tree out back so when I am sitting at the dinning room table looking out, I can see them but that branch went with the ice storm a two years ago and miss it very much. But I bought a metal trellis stake, made by some one from church, many years I put both of them on it in front of my studio window..when you hear them it sounds like a big bumble bee, lol I make my own sugar water for them, ratio of sugar and water, 4-1..or is it 3-1..I had forgotten so I did it 3 1/2 bring it to a slow boil.
Still haven't found my Twinklings H20's- larger ones, 12, of them nor my foot pedal for my little felting machine. I found the adapter for it, anyway I think it is the one for this machine.
I will have, hopefully, my results later this evening or tomorrow morning.

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