Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bead Contest Winners

The Bead contest winners are: I have 1193 in my Princess House Brandy Sniffer.

1st place:
Karrel with 1187 how close you were, I just could not get over it when dh told me what was in my bowl..Congratulations Karrel.

2nd place:
Linda Bouffard with 678

3rd Place:
Paulette Reed wtih 540
Congratulations to all and it was so much fun. I just loved getting all the emails with your guesses. I had a lot with 300's. When I decided to do this contest. I filled my brandy sniffer with all the beads I had on Mother's day and asked my sons and dh how much they thought was in there. I had guessed over 2, 000, I made so many of them, lol. I told them that and all of them said no way. they all three thought it was about 6-700. I just knew I had more than that..well they were right, at that time I had made only 682..boy and it was half I started to make more till the glass sniffer was full.
I have made a lot more since I have fill this bowl and I am curious of how many I totally have. I have enough beads for an army of quilters to use, lol..and for a life
I will get your addresses and mail your winning package out tomorrow or Monday. Enjoy!


Karrel said...

I am so excited & pleased, I can't wait to see & use the beads! I recently lost a contest at our quilt guild retreat on guessing buttons - so I knew there had to be a lot in there - sure didn't think I would get that close! Wow!!! Thanks a lot Lorranie - your work is beautiful BTW!

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Karrel, I too was surprised on how close it was either. Congrats, your package will be mailed out on Monday and do hope you enjoy all of them..hugs, Lorraine and thank you for your kinds words.

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