Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shaving Cream with Inknet inks

These are done with ink jet inks. the only trouble I had was my orange, after the blue. I mixed the yellow and red pretty good but the yellow wanted to take over the red/orange color. The coffee filters came out so bold and love them..the fabrics as you can see are bit lighter but all in all I had fun and now on to other techniques to do.
** I wanted to add that I wet my fabric with these above, they came so much better than dry. Also on the video on Utube Trish Stuart
she did it in a small area so it does not look like much ink. I found out if you wanted to do an eight of fabric it takes more shaving cream and a lot more dabs of inks. I say for about every inch put a dab..or you will end up with a very spaced out marbleizing. Hope this helps anyone trying to do this. There is another way to marbleized and did that a long time ago. I like this way a lot better. I have more control where I put my inked shaving cream on the fabric.


Sandy said...

Nice results with the shaving cream. I did some with inks but like yours better. Sandy in La Center

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Thank you Sandy, I did use the Japanese inks but like the colors of the inkjet better. The colors are more vibrant I think anyway.
When doing them dry not as good so I wetted the fabic a little and came out so much brighter.

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