Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Book and chat

My pre ordered book came in last week. Alzheimer's Forgetting Piece by Piece
Ami Simms Curator. I haven't read it yet but will today. I have know two people that had this disease and now have to worry if my mom does. I did ask her the other day to please go and see her Dr. to see if she has it..She has been forgetting a lot of far not the bad stuff, like cooking something on the stove or any thing like this..just info. she is 78 going on this might be just something we all will go through just forgetfulness..I hope..and pray..

I haven't done anything but put things up in my working studio. Dh redid it and had no choice but to follow through..took a vacation and ended up working for it!! lol..

Anyway, I will be able to remove the containers under my studio and also in my closet floor which holds containers...this is going to be great not having containers all over the place but in only area..I will know where everything is for sure.

I was going to do some gelatin printing today (a discussion on the quilt art digest group) only to find out I do not have any..what happened to them..probably through them out because they were so

Tonight dh and I are going to NEX, Navy Exchange, and put on pre-order Harry Potter's dvd so I will get some Knox gelatin and do it tonight. looks like so much fun.

Oh made more beads while watching tv last night..CSI, Dancing with the Stars, Yeah APPOLO!! He is just awesome..

I am going out side today to get some sun and will read my new book.

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