Friday, May 25, 2007

My attempt at gelatin printing

You can only load 5 photos at one time so this is my 6th try at the end of the gelatin printing..I just added more black to one side and spread it out. just playing.
This is my first try at the gelatin printing. I had fun doing this. I cut up some 1 inch squares, like it was going to come out perfect, lol..and also used a stencil of a boat and moon. I could not get a very good detail so for sure I need more practice.
Oops. this is my first try, I took some string and was going to make all kinds of designs but every time the string moved it also move the I just left it as it is..
I wanted to change the color of the ink so I just took my fingers and did some swirling on my third time around.
I was really hoping this would have turned out and it did not..apparently I am having problems of maybe too much ink as I do not have a decent rolling thing to use. I have a plastic roller for my clay but it was to large for these pans. Here I used whatever I thought of..forgetting that it should be something porous as the keys, charms and other stuff just did not want to work for me.
I wanted to do both the negative and positive gelatin printing
I just got a call from the dealer and they shipped my machine, Huskystar ER10, out today and it should be here Tuesday but they close at 5 pm so that means I can not pick it up till Sat when dh is home to drive me..horray..boy did I change the subject
What have I learned?
1. do not use tin pans, they warped on me. I will use Pyrex. or even try to make one out of Plexiglas and clay.
2. have more colors of inks to play with ready.
3. make more the one batch to play a bit more.
4. Have all you patterns of what you want to use already available..I did not and had to go searching..I thought the gelatin would only last for 3 printings but I really got 6, before I could see it gets this funny feel to it but maybe next time I will put it back in the fridge..who knows, I know I don't.
5. My dh bought Kroger brand gelatin and my ratio was 3 pkg of gelatin to 2 cups water..with 2 pkgs, and two cups water it was very runny even when I put it in the fridge for a bit..but I worked it out. I had fun and it only took very little time to make the gelatin printing and 2 hours in fridge..than it was play time..I will try one more hope these printings will look much better.

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