Saturday, September 15, 2007

What I have done so far on my gourd

Since I had taken a nap at 6pm to 9 pm I was up till So this is what I was doing. I just could not wait for the hinges, no dh had to work late and than I would had to rush looking for what I wanted. First thing I did was put apoxie sculpt in the inside of the gourd. what a job, with my hands, which are still hurting. I had bought the vanilla instead of white..thinking I was going to leave that way, but as it seems my gourd is much larger for the 2 I barely made it and did not like the way it looked.. Than I added tissue paper to the inside of the what a mistake..look liked a giant Easter egg-inverted...So this morning I painted both insides with paint and than added mod podge, much happier with it.
Below is a practice that I did to see what the outside will look like. kinda plain but also did some script with our names on fabric and cut a curly q design around it to give some appeal..But also thinking that I still might do some painting on it when it is all dried..all around the photos or stamping do not know yet.
We will go to Loew's today, just hope they have what I want.
I have been taking sleeping pills for the last 4 days trying to get in the habit of getting to bed around midnight, but mess that up last night. I will stay on them for another few days. This does not help my sugar problem. My doctor did not like the fact that I stay up so late and not sleep a full 8 hours. My mine is restless and always has something it wants me to do. I am going to stay this way till my first grand child is born than I will have a new life..maybe it may not included any arts at all. do not know.
I have been all glued up this week. lol. I have worked with so many types of glues and such, trying to learn them all. I have worked with Paverol, Powertex, Mod Podge, Apoxie scuplt, Gesso, worked with this with my oil painting, regular glue, fabric glue, hot glue, super glue..did I forget anything, lol worked with polymer clay and air clay. Now plan to work on plastic shrink..make more beads and utee beads..maybe next week. I still have a lot to learn about all mentioned above. I might take a class in sculpting..sounds interesting but in Nov. Better get ready to go shopping, have a great day everyone.

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