Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gourd purse is done, I think lol

Well, finished my purse and am very pleased with it but almost felt that the photos need a frame around them.. But it is a photo purse and just adding the nails did add a lot to them. What a challenge this was for me. But I did order 2 more gourds. I will do one up with glitz and glitter next..not now but later one. I might add some photos on the side as they are bare..


Rose Marie said...

Wow ... that is sure different! Will it stay like that or will it start to decompose after a while?

Ann Luo Lan said...

it looks cool!

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Thank you Rose Marie and Ann Luo Lan,
Rose, I have my Hawaiian implements when I did the hula for fun about 21 years ago and it is still in tact. People have gourds for over 50 years..these gourds are 1/2-3/4 inch thick, well this one they are not perfect all around. These are hard skins cansiter gourds. About the outside painting and such, do not know but with 3 coats of modge podge I surely hope it lasts a long time..Do not plan on using it all that much. Thank you again both of you, hugs, Lorraine

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