Sunday, September 2, 2007

Memphis Musical Festival

My youngest son treated my whole family for dinner last night to celebrate my pass birthday, 8/29. I wanted Chinese food and not at my home either. I wanted to go out and eat. lol So since he is single and goes out quite a lot. I let him choose the restaurant and he chose Wang's Mandarin Chinese Restaurant downtown Memphis. Lo and Behold to our surprise the Memphis Musical Festival that celebrates the Southern Folklore was going on. After eating I could not wait for him to pay for the bill and left and started my strutting down Main Street. lol. My mom and I had a ball and the music was awesome. I did not know they even had this Festival here and ask the woman that takes your money for parking how long has it being going on and she said for a very long time..I have been here over 20 years now and never knew it.
The weather was so nice and we did walk from beginning to end. The vendors were awesome. For about a few minutes I missed being a vendor for my arts and ceramics but it did not last very long as it is hard work setting up the booth, and all. lol
I stopped by a few jewelry places and yes did buy some stuff. A few of them liked the jewelry I was wearing and told them thank you and they asked me did you make those, and I say proudly yes. So now I feel pretty about them all.
Now if I knew that this festival was going on I would have brought my camera and had loads of photos!!
I saw art that had some funky art on canvas and around them painted bottle caps. bought a pair of earrings from a sculpture of African art from Nashville..I remember when searching for art in Tn a few years ago running across his name and it was a pleasure to met him in person. I had so much fun and we will do it again next year but earlier..and hope the weather is as nice as it was.

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