Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Dentist ordeal-chat

I am feeling a little better. Never again, when they say they can't give you those pills again for another 5 years, makes you wonder why they should anyway. I broke out in hives the day before going off them but stuck it out and when I told her this, she was concerned as I might have been allergic to one of them but have taken one of them before so it had to be the other one. 1500 mg of antibiotics a day. I would say it took the bad as well as the good with them..I do not wish for any of you to have to go through this. But at least all my teeth are saved and it is all over now. I slept 8 days away. lol
Now just the cleaning every week for the next 3 weeks. Guys, I have not been to dentist for over 12 years knowing I had gum disease but I did what they hygienist told me to do and I guess that is what saved my teeth. OH, I have to use a bleach solution every night before bed..but very little to a gal and she said bleach is the best bacteria fighter and I believe her to the most on this. It will kill anything..stain anything and all. lol
They gave me laughing gas and I did get a buzz from it but did not feel a thing, I do not know why I do not like going to the dentist. It could be the shots they use to give for cavities. lol When I was done with one fourth of my side they gave me a recipe for using bleach to wash my mouth out every night with a syringe.
So maybe now I can get really creative with something. Right now I am worried about my mom. She has emphysema and has an apt today and I know she needs oxygen. I am making her a healing doll, never made one but to me it will be a healing doll with her lungs made out of tyvek and silk roving. It is very small and she probably won't like it but that is how I feel today. I drew out a pattern. Tea dyeing the fabric and than I can work on it. I have already cleaned out my room and now can get onto sewing and embellishing again...for now I have had enough of the gluing stuff..onto the pretty fabrics to play with ..I also have my Flower Quilt to sew up and get photos in by the 30th, will I make it do not know but will give it a try, if not than I have another pretty quilt to hang.

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