Friday, September 14, 2007

My girls

Finished my girls. They took me longer than I thought for many reasons. I used air dry clay and it was so soft to use and did not know if it was going to make it. So my girl on the bottom was done first for experimental reasons. I call her my BAD HAIR DAY I also had trouble putting them together..but a lot of glue and they are intact..whew..The most fun was of course painting the faces and using a toothpick and TWEEZERS to put the hair together... The blond is called Marilyn.. as she reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. lol I could not find my gallon bag of feathers so I use my fibers and messed them up bit and they look just great. I am using them for hanging and not a pin. I just can not see me wearing this 5 inches or more for a pin.

Tonight I will go shopping at Lowe's to see if they have hinges and I might buy a frontal locking system for my gourd purse. Oh I order two more and also will buy some seeds as dh and I decided to grow some next year. I just working with it.. I have plenty of time to buy the tools that are needed for this craft. I did put one of the photos on the gourd and it looks good as the natural color of the gourd shows up a bit darker and the photos is just great. so I will work on it after all holes are drilled. If any of you are curious about gourds here is a site that tells you all about it. It tells all about growing, washing, and all. wonderful site. Enjoy

1 comment:

Mary said...

Hi Sissy Just loved all the items you have made the purse from the gourd and your girls love mary

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