Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Last Blooms for this year

Details of my tulips. These where here when we moved in 21 years ago, so I have no name of what type of tulips they are, but they sure are getting fuller every year. They bloom in the spring and in the beginning of fall, so maybe it is getting to fall around here. I am not a very nice gardener anymore, I should be thinning them out, all the bulb flowers the previous owner has laid in the ground but I do not, I like them this way. I have them in 5 different areas in the front of the house against the brick.
They start at the or almost the edge of my home. As you can see dh has clean it out and looks pretty bear but rather have it than the
My Monkey grass, on the south side of the house. Soon will be flowering. I had a mess of it in the front next to the steps but had them removed. They can become a nuisance but on the side of the house does not bother me at all. The only flower that did not bloom for me this year was my hydrangeas..I still see green leave but very few, I will have dh to remove it and will buy new ones for next year. They were on the north side which I was told to put them, but every else I see them all over east, west and south and blooming like that is what I will do. I use to clip this time and used them for dry arrangements in my ceramic vases..oh well next time.

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