Monday, September 17, 2007

My projects for today

My dh is trying to clean out some stuff in my our large shed and he found books/magazine box that had projects I had save since 1974. I had ceramics, pottery, crafty, knitting and crochet among other stuff. lol I did wonder what happen to these binders, 2 and 3 inch thick, that I knew I had somewhere.
This fish is one of the projects in one of the magazine pages from 1988. I remember doing this about 6 years ago. I had used a mold of a cross/Jesus .. do not know who I gave it to. Also on the same page or the back of it it had a project with where you print on paper from a copier machine and not a computer ink. You go through a process but did not pay much attention this time. Than you can leave what ever you did onto soap, candle, fabric and so on, I was going to make this for Fr. Rick with his parents but than he got sick.
The thrid photo is the mold, it should be at least 1/8-1/4 inch so that you can pile the "toilet paper" into to leave an imprint. This mold I used was a cheap mold I bought somewhere for a soap dish. It takes about a day to dry depending on how much toilet paper you have.
When it is dry, you paint it the way you want and than put what you want to make it stay together, I use modge podge. It made it feel like rubber.
The very last one is of tissue paper and only used one it did not work but it also feels like rubber.
I made a chime with my fish with glass beads that my sister sent me. She bought a bag of glass beads at Michael's and when she got home they were so many broken ones so she split the bag with me and this is a time to use them. Of course I use my favorite
You see each side of the fish. Isn't it just so I have one right now drying, as I will do 4 more so I can just make a fish chime..I will use the back of a dish for the top with toilet paper. People have been using toilet paper for years and looking through this articles that I save, they have been using a lot we think is "new" to us..but not so. I used toilet paper last year on a pc. I have use dryer sheets, paper towels, paper bags and so one on all of my post cards that I did last year. So if you look at something and wonder "if" or "can I" just do it and try something different, it is fun.

The other side.
On the mold.
Tissue paper, one layer. Also used these colors in my gourd and now you can see why I change the colors to bright for the inside of my purse. It also looks as if it one solid piece and has no seams, really neat looking.

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