Thursday, September 13, 2007

What I am doing for now

Here is my gourd cut, clean and ready to have something done to it. lol I have decided to grow gourds next year. I am wondering if the seeds that came out of this gourd can be used to grow them. I will do a search on gourds. When I did the hula in Hawaii, I have to get this wonder gourd implement to bring up and hit and make sounds to go with the music. I still have it in my attic, I just hope what I have done to protect it is good enough. I better have dh go and fetch it. In the samd container is my feathers things too. I have my bamboo sticks in my bedroom. The stones I never did get..why do not know why, but we ended up quilting as this was the lovely hula hands type of hula but the chant one and boy it was killing me and my friend Chermain. The excersise was tough. we did for about 4 weeks. but than I took hula, the easy ones. love doing the one show we did. it was so much fun. oh, those were the sorry got of the subject but than I do that all the time even if we were speaking face to face, as there is so much going on in my brain..when it shuts down, I will too..
This is what I want to put on my gourd on the outside. The upper left photo is us 5 sibling sitting on this beautiful Banyan tree. It was a neighbors yard in Oahu. Than my mom when she was 18, Dad at 18, grandfather Delfin on mom side, Priscilla on Mom's side. The Next row is my brother Don, graduation, sister Patti, graduation, Bob, graduation, me, graduation and my twin Mary, graduation. All before 18 years of age. Than come our baby photos. Donnie, Patti, Bob Me and Mary. I think this will be awesome on the outside of this gourd purse. My trouble is I have never worked with gourd before and do not know if I should leave natural or paint it or whatever..I think I would love the natural look but will the photos show up. I do not have a piece of gourd to practice on. The inside will either have a beautiful African print glue in or satin. or I might just add paint to show through, like a translucent type.
I am also making flower pins. with air dry clay and I do not like it. it is so soft to work with but doing it.

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