Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Gourd and what I have done to it

Went shopping last night for my hinges and latch. Found them but did not have much of variety to choose from. So these will have to do. Well the hinges are fine but the latch could have been a wee bit larger. Than I have a brave wave while there and decided I wanted to add upholstery nails to them. The ones I really wanted was way to large for this purse so I settle for these. I did nothing after returning home. Went to visit Mom and ate out at Shoney's. We must have name a few restaurants and none sounded what we wanted to Shoney's always come up. We were in luck as the must have been shrimp night..boy did that affect our cholesterol or what.. I love their fritters and Went to be at 10 pm and that is a wow for me, but got up about 130 so than I was up till about You can say the my days and nights will be messed up for a bit again..oh well.
Here it the front of the purse. You can see the nails better when you click on the photo. I did all of it myself, but was hoping dh would help, since my right shoulder still hurts..would you believe no hand held drill. I had to use his heavy drill. I also had use his big nail clutters to trim 80 nails tips as they just a wee bit to large. Hard work but always worth it.
The bottom is the back with the hinges and my experiment photo. I wash it hole thing with a purple blue mix paint..I knew I was inside of me from the start, lol I wanted to sand it and dh said no it looked like wood the way it is so I did.
You all will not believe what happen today. While I was doing all this, dh was mowing our yard. He was about 25 feet mowing around the mail box area when I heard this crash and awful noise but did not investigate, thought it was Suzie playing in the newspaper again, she likes roll all over them and makes a rustle noise..Well dh comes in, in a tone of voice I did not like and ask me did you not hear that noise and said he heard it all the way out there..A rock hit our security door and busted the top part of it and it had glass all over my living room floor..I will be a bit nervous this week as I will feel I have no protection with my open door..He has shut down at work and has to work 10-12 hours shifts for four days straight with no time off. So he will be a very tired man and there is no way he can get a new window..OH we could not find what ever hit the window door and smashed Another expense to this old

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