Monday, April 9, 2007

Wonderful Day

We celebrated my dh birthday yesterday instead of Sat.
I have not done any sewing as I was cleaning, a bad word, lol, to get ready and cooking so today the house is clean and do not have to make dinner so I am a free bird to anything I want.
I think I will make tyvek beads in my "Working Studio". and will have to wear a mask or respirator, it is just to darn cold to work outside.. My "Working Studio" is what use to be my mold room where I kept all my molds, paints, greenware, bisque and did my ceramic pouring and such. We have slowly taken most of the molds (702) out of there and changed it over to my "working room" this is where I do my burning of textiles, making silk paper, fusion, painting, stamping, dyeing (but some in the kitchen/dinning room) and such..So all these supplies is out of my studio.

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