Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Experiment with UTEE-charms and beads

OK..I knew I had plastic on both sides of my charm. It was one of things that you say try it anyway..It did what I thought it would..putting into the utee pot and it melted and look at that poor charm..well, now for sure I know..This is my sister's charm, lol..but I know it will work on just plain fabric if you like the Hardening look, which I do not..I tried some of my beads too..Do not like it. When you lay it flat on the protective surface, is it flat on the bottom, now I did not think of this..can't think of also left a lot of the utee on the bottom that was sticking out...but it trimmed well with the scissors. It also closed the one end that I let dripped for a bit before laying it I had to do some drilling!! lol..but it was all fun and will experiment again with my utee pot..
I have had it for awhile and used it while I was doing the batik and it was to small..but tried some beeswax in there at that time..I just forgot I had as it was inside the electric frying pan I use for batiking..out of site, out of mind..this is sure happening a lot in my world..tooo much stuff..can not remember what I have bought and where I put them..So it was good..
But the rest of the swappers will not get these charms.. I will make more but not try anything different..
I have received two each from Paulette and Rita..and I will add all the charms when I get them all together..They both used peltex/timtex, not sure which..and painted on each side and/or painted fusible..which I love doing this..I am not sure what I will do..
I know it was hard putting in the eyelets..not only did I break one of the tools, mine are sloppy could not get that eyelet in very good...I wanted to buy the newer tool at Wally's world but dh would not let me, as it was a different application of putting it on some how you have to pull it and with my hands , he said he would have to do it and he did not want to..No more charms for me..these will be fine, but do not mind making the inches that we do not have to have the backing, sides done and I really did not mind the rest of it but eyelets just took the cake for me..I worked on them for 2 and half hours and still did not mastered it. Very frustrating.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love your beads--and the inchies.

Lorraine's Stuff said...

thank you Susan, they are fun to make. thank you for posting..hugs, Lorraine

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