Friday, April 27, 2007

My Day today-with ANTS- Packages and a PC swap

These are Rainbow Spun from Idyll Pleasures..I bought what ever color they had..Beautiful in person.
These are my silk Roving I bought from Try My Designs..Denise hand dyes all of hers and when I bought what she had, she emailed me and told me had dyed different colors and if I wanted them, of course, I said yes! Just look how intense in color they are..they are just stunning and the price is better than any other place I have bought them.. Thank you Denise for such a warm person to person contact with your site..I will always come back for more..Oh yes, I can not forget the needles I bought. A starter pack for my new machine..just in case I break any needles, which I am told I will, lol..This way I will not have to wait for July to buy them..I am planning on winning this challenge with my dh ..of course I am ordering like crazy..I told my girls if I wonder if stamps for mailing out pc and a new computer, in case mine was to go, would count. As these are necessities, are they not? To persuade him that they are I will have hammer near by to kidding..or maybe not!!
This is my 2 lbs of wool roving..mixed but will find ways to use it this at The Sheep Shed Studio..she had a sale and jumped right in for
These are the post card for the embroidery swap in my group..I am using the daisy stitch..I love them especially on my hand dyed fabric..hoping to finish them tonight and hope my hands will survive the french Knots in the middle, if not, I will just finish them with the blanket stitch edges. We will see.

How did my day start up..ANTS!!! More ANTS!! I hate these little pesky insects..All over my counter..the thing was that got was clean..these pesky things found a crumb, mind you a crumb..and a little spillage of my tea..just a little drop and wow. a thousand ANTS!! so I found the ANT spray..and killed every one off them, before I even had my first cup of tea or breakfast..told myself hope this isn't what my day is going to be like..

Nope it has been a good day..had my tea and breakfast and started to work more on my embroidery swap..which has been taking me already 2 nights and 2 days to work on off and on, but mostly am not very good at embroidery, got some designs out and started the first one 2 nights ago, it just looked terrible. Took it out and played with others..and than found one I can do now. The post cards has them all over with different colors..the daisy My daisies are not all equal but that is OK it is mine and I love them..all the colors on my hand dyed fabric..Took a scan of them and I will put them here to show you where I am at at this point..Can not spend that much more time on these as I have other things to experiment with.

Than I received 3 packages today and will take a photo of them..Silk Roving, Rainbow Spun and needles for my new machine that I do not have package from sis.. Yesterday I received my wool roving, 2 lbs and love the intense colors that where in there..I guess I should have put the photos in first as I may not be able to now..oh well, they will be next a little posting under each item..They are above my regular posting, sorry for the double

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