Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Charms, there are so many groups doing these, so my group jumped in on it too.. But not so many in one swap..we have 7, just right for a bracelet..The photos above is front and back on mine..The beaded one is fabric, lace and plastic heated to melt the layers together..and silk paper is sewn for the middle part, as it is transparent.. you can see the teal color silk paper..the other one is from an experiment I did a while back using cling wrap..with different layers..now this is not finished..I still have to add the eyelet and than I will put them in utee..to seal it for me..there is no way my hands will be able to do a satin stitch..since I had these already cut up, I could not do the stitching as a whole cloth..and than cut..so it will be task alone for me and I opted out..it is not worth it to me to having my hands, palm area hurt for days...for 6 charms..so utee it will be..if not that some other way of sealing and there are plenty..the lace effect one is for sure my favorite and of course used my favorite fabric..almost out of it ..used this in ingredient swaps 3 times..all different too..In fact this idea is from one of them..
I have two more swaps having to make inches..one to put them on a post card and another one is to make 21 but no fabric involved..we will see if I do this one..not committed yet..but sure would love to try it..

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