Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Radiant Rain Experiments and Books

The above photo is my purple with a touch of blue Radiant Rain on card stock. It really did not do what I thought it would do..so I feel like I added to much of the liquid. I am using these in a class call Blitz of Glitz with Carol Murphy from joggles. It was quite wet but that is all about experimenting like she wants us to do..Below is Tissue paper with green and I can see more of the gleam than on the card stock. Both of these do not have a base coat so they on the look of pastel colors. I was going to use these with my Twinkles 2Os's but I bought a dozen of them as I could not find the other 3 older ones that I have so got a bit carried away, now I can not find the package..so St Antony will help me find them. With my studio redone last September-October, it seems it is harder for me to find things now. I have containers marked but sometimes I get in a hurry and was getting ready for Easter so where ever I was and what ever container was open I probably stuck it in there. I was going to start the class yesterday but now I will go to the forum and let her what my problems is and I just might end up doing my book in Adirondack as the base coat and will experiment with these tonight with all other types of paper and some sheers, nappy liners, lutador. cheesecloth, paper towels. She gave us a list and I plan to do them all..so glad I have different Adirondack inks..or my book would be very pastel..not good..And when done I will make more paper beads with these..lol really addicted to them.
My book 15 Beads by Jane Dunnewold came in Saturday and was ecstatic because they showed how to use metals..now I love and love working with metals..so will do them to..it is an awesome book. I should be getting two more books tomorrow from Amazon.com as the tracking said I should have gotten today. I will let you know about them tomorrow. I really can not add any more of my books here as all you will be viewing is books. lol The list that is below is about a third of what I own. I have ordered every book that has been mentioned all my classes and from other artists that writes them and such..about little less than half has been from the last 3 years since I took up quilting and classes on line.

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