Thursday, April 19, 2007

Been busy

I have been busy but with no results to show for now..but at the end the photos are will post pictures later..I am still making beads as I am showing my girls how to make them. They are still on fabric beads but I am on the paper beads..they will get the directions for the paper ones next week Friday. I have made quite a few, but this is not one of my favorite beads to make, so far I do love making fabric beads. I have a journal of 12 pages since I have started. I always write down what my process is as I go. I also like to write down what product that I use and what I consider is working for me..I have done this for over 25 years, always wrote what I have done with every piece I paint and what went wrong and always happy with what went right..I love to experiment and sometimes it does not go the way you see it in your
Tyvek will be in the next 2 week, I have made these before but the preparations are a bit more cautious that fabric and paper.. I will have to wear a mask maybe even a respirator..I may have to wear goggles as I have an eye disease that even the fibers of fabric effects them..this we found out as my eyes has gotten worse in the last year where as the total of the last 3 years, my eyes stayed the same in the first two years when just making art quilts..and not post cards..I am constantly putting drops in my eyes..and also using steroids eye drops to help them..More tomorrow I hope.

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