Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hand Felting

I have been hand felting all evening and enjoying it very much..boy I can not wait for my machine..big one that is..
I have signed up for a challenge for postcards, bookmark and an 8x11 piece..it is wonderful..when I get done with them I will post photos.
Also not good at embroidery and forgot I had sign up for a swap in my group..so this has me a bit nervous..yes, me..lol..but I am trying to learn the other stitches besides the basic ones we all use but might have to refrain to the basic here..I have not been on my machine for a few days and really wanted to get to it today but did not..
My son's quilt has really got me this time..I hate to remove that dragon but I want flames to go up to the border and can not when the dragon's head is pointing down..so who love taking out stitches, my are invisible threads, even worse..lol

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