Monday, April 23, 2007

BEADS Fabric, Paper and Tyvek

The photo below is all of my fabric beads minus what I am sending to my girls. I have mostly African fabrics as they are bold in color. Makes such a beautiful and colorful bead. I have added fibers, coiled metal gold, copper and silver wire to them, added metal gold, copper with beads. There is quite a few that needs to be finish. I will do those as I need them. I have added glitter to a lot of them as when I did gold leafing with my first fabric beads back in end of November..the adhesive was way to least 8 years ..used it in my ceramic business..and had a hard time with it and made more of a mess than anything else..but when I was looking for my Twinkles 2os, which I never have found yet, I found all types of glues in my Working Studio. Also found medium gels and such when I was working on a alter book last Jan..for a class..and many more glues.. But I will give gold leafing another shot. The below photo is my Paper beads. What is mine!! Now this to me was the messiest of all beads..I have used papers from around the world that I had bought from a person who bought these papers and was selling them..I again used beads, fibers and glitter to add to these paper beads..I have silk paper, homemade paper, painted paper, Angelina fibers, shimmer, this is too soft no matter how many times you put a sealer on them..just experimenting..I have used Angelina film wrapped over the paper and zapped quickly with the heat gun, this tightens the film around the bead...found this out when using it for a pc.. I love my red white and blue, added some blue and clear crystals on them..this is two papers twisted together, white and blue and added red beads..plan to make more for the 4th of July.
Below is my Tyvek beads..boy I had forgotten how easy these were to make..make 67 in a 12 hours period off and on doing housework. I have added wire, wire with bead, fibers and some just plain ones. I have photograph my steps for my girls as I went along but could not take a photo as I zapped the fibers and watch them cool is this..I see this with my felt melt..but with the beads it was way too fun.. My girls will get the photos in my group.
I did do something different as I have not seen any one post this. I took a Tyvek sheet that has already been zapped about 2 and half years ago with my Element class just to see what it looked like..and never did use either sheets..The purple, blue and green ones are from this. The only disadvantage is when you zapped the bead with the paint on it..the paint shrinks more than the Tyvek and you have white showing, not much but enough where you have to repaint it.. I have a photo but leave that to all to experiment. I have one more of these to make beads with. Oh it is a bit harder to roll..with me having nerve problems in both hand..I felt it..but I did get about 21 beads from one sheet. All were cut into triangles..but I also like rectangle beads.. Today is going to be experimenting with Lutador, cellophane, friendly plastics, clays and such..this will take a few days..


Suzanne Earley said...

Wow -- look at all of those beads! They are marvelous!

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Thank you Suzanne..I had so much fun doing them..and more to come later..hugs, Lorraine

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