Sunday, June 24, 2007

Updating-been sick

Just up dating as I have not done so in awhile. I am now being treated for pneumonia. This is why I have not put anything in here. I am feeling much better and not so fatigued anymore. Had no energy to anything.
I have read books that have not been read and some beading. Worked on making a knitted necklace that I have taken apart about 3 times. Then did smaller experimenting and still took them apart. So decided to order books on this and I have ordered 4 I have knitted for over 35 years, have knitted just about everything even a winter coat many years ago but do you think I can get this, very frustrating..but when I do get the hang of it, it for sure will be posted.
I have finished up about 4 swaps for my group and working on 2 ATC's swaps at the moment. Than onto some charms, I have 2 swaps of these.
I took my last pill today and hope it will be all that I need but do not think so, but will wait till Wed to call the Dr. for more antibiotics. It is still in my chest.

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