Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Futura CE100 set up

Now that I am feeling a little better I will start learning my Embroidery machine. It is a Futura CE100. I have had it for almost a year and tried to use it once. Dh ended up doing it all because I just couldn't get it to stop beeping at me. He bought this machine as a surprise birthday gift for me in August. I just mentioned to him the the girls were using embroidery on their pc.
The NEX has some that came in and when he went to buy one, they were gone. So he came home and ordered one online from the NEX. He just paid $588 for it and it ran at $899. No tax either. When it came in the mail I was so surprised. I really did not care if I really had one. So far I know why ..but now QU has a class with Joanna Winn called Beginning Embroidery and I believe I will finally learn how to work with it. I have it set up where my working horse machine use to be. I have my sewing machine and Embellisher on my working table opposite each other. Looks promising working this way. Maybe I can get something creative done today.

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