Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Round Clay Beads and Buttons

I did these this evening. I love the buttons. The round beads are smaller than the ones below. These are made with Sculpey Clay. I prefer either Polymer or Sculpey Clay to work with. I found Kato to be a bit hard and also it crumbled so much. It was very hard to knead, especially the white and black. I just bought these about 2 months ago. I have made a total of 268 clay beads, round and shaped types. I still have to glazed them and also I want to go through the holes to make sure they are opened. I will use a tiny drill.
Since my server was done for almost 24 hours and did not do felting, I decided to play with clay again. This time making clay round beads. I had to mix Polymer and Kato clay to get some of these beads so that I could have two colored in them. The yellow, blue and orange, I added acrylic paints to the Polymer clay to get those colors. I am going to make more but smaller round ones, square and odd shapes ones. I will also going to try and make some buttons.


liz said...

Hi Lorraine, love your beads and buttons. polymer clay buttons are on my to-do list. do they stand up to wear?

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Liz, I do not know as this is the first time for me working with this type of clay. I work with ceramic clay, terra cotta, stoneware and porcelin. I know those do..I have molds for buttons and beads for ceramics but could not find them, lol..thank you. We will have to find out, huh? lol hugs, Lorraine

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