Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just updating

I haven't been able to do anything interesting for me. I have this awful thing and it has kept me in and out of bed for the last 24 hours. Just do not feel like doing anything. I did make myself seal my clay beads and do some clay work . I was trying to keep myself busy. I made a hibiscus and a tulip, child's play, lol. My next project is going to either to knit with beads making a double row necklace or wire knitting a necklace. haven't decided but will end doing both. Something I hope I can do being sick.
I painted these like I do my ceramic pieces. I always have a least 3 different shades of each color to add dimension. These are about 2 inches. Why I have use dragonflies, because it was the only stamp I had at that time, to lazy to get another one..but they will come in handy for a card or on a quilt somewhere.

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