Friday, June 8, 2007

Clay Covered Up Tins and chat

This is what I have been doing. These are Altoids cans. The first one is is done by base coating black and dry brushing with 7 coats of burnt orange and than gold. The second one is done with a base coat of black and dry brush with three coats of gold. Dry brush violet around the sides. Painted the dragonflies violet. I have also one stamped dragonfly on the back. Only to more to do which are the heart ones I got during Valentines..but will cover them with another method and not clay.
These about the only things I can get done besides in and out of bed with this nasty thingy I have. Feel just awful at times and great at times..the sore throat is harder to deal with than any of the other stuff . Oh, I tried to spray my clay beads on the deck but ended up chasing them more than spraying them and it is something I do not like doing. I decided to spray them instead of hand painting the glaze on them, it would take me a year to finished them, lol. Still have a lot to do.
We had some really terrible thunderstorms today and finally they are gone for now but looks pretty nasty out there..
I am taking a class for my embroidery machine so need to check in in the forum. I finally get to know how to worked this machine. I hope anyway.

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