Thursday, June 7, 2007

Charms received

Received these lovely red 1 1/2 inches and 3 inche square from Jean S. today and love them all. Love all the hearts on the squares. Now how will I display them or will I finished them up. thank you Jean.
Lynn's charms and 3 inch square, how did she know I love butterflies..I collect them..just add a few more last week. lol..The charms are not all one inch but I have one that is and can add this to my bracelet..Love them all and thank you Lynn.

Charms received by Paulette and 3 inch square.

More charms received by Liz in UK Emellisher. Very pretty. I will work on mine after Tuesday. thank you, Liz.

I received these pretty charms today from Jean Spillane from a group I am in. UK Embellisher. These are felted front and back. I did notice that all the eyelets were all off when I opened the package. This tells me the when I do mine, which will be felted too, the backing should be a sturdier fabric or base. This is how we find out things like this. One shell is broken but I can remedy that myself. I have tons of shells from Hawaii. I will also use my spring action eyelet tool and see if I can fixed this. Maybe not. We will see.

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