Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Total of all the fiber beads I have made..

This is the side view of all the fiber beads.
The total of all the beads I made is 2610. (I have added 61-June 16th-07, more beads to what I have made, yes, still making them, lol) What I have pictured is what I have left of them, 2406. I have given some to my bead swaps, put some on pin cushions I made and I sent out some for the prizes. I still have to experiment with Utee, shrinking dink and felting ones. They will come one day. For now I wanting to experiment on other textiles and textures.
I still have a quilt to make for Journal quilt for Houston. I have drafted it, but that is how far I am. When I go to make it and know what I want to really do than I remember that I have to 3 or 4 artist techniques from the Journal book. That is for all 4 journals that is to be connected for a larger quilt. This for sure stops me from continuing it may get made and it may not, no least I did not spend a lot of money for an entry or something like that. I am not really into doing it like I was last year but had to pull out of it do all the happenings around here.
Today I am taking it easy as I do not feel to good, got that sore throat again for two days now and a cough.
Yesterday, I tore this room apart looking for those felted needles and my Dreammaker foot petal..did not find either one. but found my Twinklings knew I would after buying the smaller ones..sis will get these. Now every thing is LABELED..


Samantha said...

Those are gorgeous- I hope you feel better soon!

Lorraine's Stuff said...

Thank you Samantha, what a pretty name. I am going through the stages of being sick and I hate it. lol..but my spirit is there..thank you so much, hugs, Lorraine

JoTee said...

I chuckled when I saw all of your fiber beads, makes me think of the time I made a bunch of them myself, but they are all so fun & coloful....hoping that you are feeling better, hugs JoTee

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