Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Embroidery I did on my machine

Well, I am a happy camper. I practice all evening on my embroidery machine. It was frustrating at first. I read and read and in my mind would go through the process of working with it. Got on the machine and took an hours to just get the the dumb bobbin to work for me..lol..any way I learn how to get into the laptop. Than the Machine!! lol I was a bit nervous. I started out small. an inch size..lol. and one color and boy the first one messed up so I decided to do one more and than next thing you know I have 5 stars. but at least I know how to run it now. Than I wanted to practice doing more than one color and did the flower. Than I added the sun. But it was way to spacey and took it to the felting machine and added some grassy area and fluff to the sun. Than I added a felt bird. all in all, I now love this machine and we will learn how to download next week. now that will be a challenge. lol..

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