Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More Felting Experimenting

I did piece for a challenge in Machine Needle Felting group, called Textures. I had a great time using all the different textured fabric and other stuff. I have used regular cotton, upholstery fabric, organza, tulle, dyed batting, ribbon, satin, burlap, painted dryer sheets, yarn, dyed cheesecloth on felt and hologram fabric, these are the one with the shiny disk on them..What did not work for me was puff paint, cellophane, bubble wrap, zapped with the heat gun, and my shim, it is quite thicker than my cheesecloth. I will try these in another method later one. I have lost my package of needles that I bought awhile back and only have one spare needle that came with the machine left.
My machine is so simple to use. It is easy to change the needles, clean and sounds wonderful. How in the world did I go without for so long.

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