Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sun Printing and Painting

This is out of order as this is the last one I did and still do not know how to put them in when you want to add something to the posting. This is my fern leaf and a small leaf from my birch tree..As you can see it is alright with the emerald green and blue but the orange did not do so well. this is where the ends would not stay down. I had added 2 scrims to the side of the birch leaf and it looks again some peddles to the left too.
I finally got to do some sun printing. I have used up that I did a year or so ago and those I did in Michelle's Fabric Painting class in 2003. I do try this as least twice a year but haven't done it over a year. I did not know if I could do it today, so I wasn't prepared. Dh told me it was going to rain the rest of the week. At 7:45 I saw that the sun was out so I gathered things together. Than I noticed the sun was casting a shadow so I waited till about 10. Well, it was so hot in the direct sun, I was a bit in hurry to get back into air I usually have the paints all ready to go the next day but I did not this time. Anyway It all came out okay..the above photo is the cheese cloth over 2 Seta paints I bought these from my teacher, she mixed them for anytime I want to paint they are ready..They are in larger bottles than what you buy..about 3x larger. If you look closer you can see the imprint of the cheesecloth..I did in a long piece as it is going to be a border for one of my quilts.
This is the salt effect, came out OK but some spots a little too much salt.
This is 3 colors, yellow, red and orange..than I folded the the left side and wrinkled the other side. Nice effect. I will us a bit of this in my son's quilt for his dragon flames.
This is sun printing with cords and scrim. Again if you look closely you see the scrim on the sides of the cords.
This is a close up of the area.

I have one more with a plastic fern (above) that for the life of me, could not get it lay flat, so tonight I will hammer the middle so it does. lol it is done in 3 colors. I also threw in some pebbles, was to weight down the fern, but they were to some fun anyway even if it was so hot.

Tomorrow if time and weather lets me, I will do a landscape with 1/2 yard of fabric. Today they were fat quarters. Have them already cut and now just need to mixed some paints.

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