Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knitting Books received

I have finally received my knitting books I ordered last week. Actually I did not expect them so quickly..
The first one is Fiber and Beads from Bead and Button Project...this is project . Really nice pamphlet.
The second book is by Larkin Jean Van Horn and it is called Beading on Fabric. I do this anyway but wanted the book. I have done a lot of the beading she has here but it gives a great review on different types of beads and glad to have in my book collection.
Lastly and finally, Knit and Crochet with Beads by Lily M. Chin. I am so glad I received this. I do not know why I thought you had to knit the bead through the knitting needle...dahhhhhh..that is why I am or was having problems. I would put the beads on the yarn like the directions said but would use a needle the bead would fit through..I guess I never thought this through..the necklace I am going to make did not give any directions but in text form on how to knit it..Glad to have this book also. I still have another one coming in but bought a use one almost like new for $3.01 it should be here sometime next week.

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