Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Using the patch to quit

I have started the patch over 9 hours ago and so far I can not believe it is working for me. I have no cravings. When I got up this morning before putting the patch on, I wanted a cig so bad but I did not since I had hid what I had left. (yesterday I was going to start but forgot to hid them and pick one up and that did that but did cut down a lot). The only I am constantly doing is reaching for a cig but not craving to smoke one. This is of the mind I think. Always having a cig in hand. After a few time I just told myself that there is nothing there and it has worked. I have not broken out in a rash, nor have I turn red, I did get a little nausea for a few minutes. No other side effects so I believe that it will work for me..So all wish me good luck on this. What made me that my dh came home a week and a half ago telling me it cost him $70 for two cartons of cig at the Navy Exchange. Well, I just refuse to pay that much money for them and have been wanting to quit for awhile. Anyway the cig co are not getting anymore from me. I still have a carton and half left so will give them away or my son can give them away, whatever I am not going to smoke another cig.
Olive Oil on my psoriasis it working like a charm. It turns the areas I put it on a darker shade of color but it does not let it grow and it is getting so smooth and slowly getting smaller, if I happen to itch it bleed I do try and stop from doing that.
I did cut my hair and cut it too short on the top and sides and now my hair is always flopping on my face, It is still long though..but will do something later with it..haven't dyed it since Nov..not sure if I will, we will see.
I went through my closet and packed away the really really loose clothing and you can not believe this, I am not getting into clothes I have not wore in over 10 years and it feels wonderful, just hope I do not gain to much quitting but will get on track if I do.
Since the economy has been so bad I think a lot of people are doing genealogy now as I have received over 22 emails with the postings I put in the genealogies area over 10-12 years ago, so I will going back to being a genealogist. I am going to see if the few states that I helped out still need some help...I have helped out 3 states doing the 1930 census and it was fun to do.
I will go back to taking classes but just not now. The only class I will take in the near future is with Dale Rollerson with Ratty Tatty Papers . I have done all of what she is teaching but want to get back into being with others in doing creative works of art. She will let me know when she has another class,
I bought a book called Knit and Felt, so I will still knit but will wet felt the projects I do and also do some wet felting art scenes that I have been wanting to do.
There is more to chat about but I think I will when I do the photos again wish me luck in quitting. lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my blog, Lorraine


Lynne said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you Lorraine, it's hard to quit but think of all the money you'll have to spend on your creative works - go for it!!

LorraineS said...

Oh yes, Lynn my dh said and starting this week he will give me $40 a week, well, just add that all up girls..a lot of spending but since I can not do much with my knees right now I will build it up for a vacation for Hawaii in so far so good, my third day and I really hate to think of picking up cig now..I cannot believe how I do not crave to smoke but still am reaching for a cig but so I have overcome that by doing other things..thanks so much it means a great deal having support...and thank you for reading my chatty lots of hugs to you, Lorraine

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