Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Early Mother's Day gift from dh

My dh bought this wonderful crock pot. It is awesome. It has 3 sizes of bowl that comes with it. 2, 4 and 6. I used it yesterday to make my spaghetti sauce and cooked it all day long. I have or had two others, a huge one and a small one. Gave the larger one to my oldest son..and I am not sure if I will give the smaller one away, as I might need to make two different meals at one time..for a gathering. It cost $39.99 at Walmart in Millington. The reason dh bought it earlier is that when we went to the Watmart in Raleigh it was $ Sunday night he went back to save $10 and it is worth every penny. Those 3 little dots you see is for the size that you use. I now have it on the counter as I always had to wait for dh to get the larger one down. Now it is at my reach at all times...I use a crock pot like I do my oven. I have always cooked my roast frozen in the oven and now can do them in the crock pot..Want do you all we do not have to have different sizes of them around where they take up any more

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