Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flex knitting needles

Have you seen or used Flex knitting needles? This is what they look like if you haven't. They are just wonderful. I will never go back to the aluminum needles again..even if I have all of the sizes in 2 lengths.. I now am collecting all the sizes. They so far come in the lengths of 20 inches. they are made with Bamboo and are made by Clover..well, that is what we are collecting. This is a close up.
This photo shows you me knitting 4 at time..with the circular size 8 bamboo at 16 inches, I was doing 2 at a time. I use two totes to hold two balls of yarn

This photo shows 4 of the knitting part done. I now have to crochet a row of sc and then the next row will be crocheting the beads on.
I am going to be sewing a quilt of the class I took with Carol Miller at QU a few years ago. I have them stacked in rows on how they are to sewn..I put it down because it was very boring sewing in strips..or whatever you call it..but I am now going to sew them by I have other revenues of art that I can create...It it my Watercolor Wizardly quilt. It is from a photo that Fr. Rick took on his sabbatical in Israel. I am looking for the photo and the class so I put a photo here on the blog, so look forward to it..this out to be interesting sewing squares that are one and half inch I had with these pieces the ideas of what I was going to do in adding the flowers..ribbon embroidery..I can not wait to get started..was tomorrow buy dh did not help me get my second studio set up for me..I have about 3 tables that I can lay my pieces in different stages at I is also a lot cooler in I am not putting the room ac up and going to be calling Sears to fix our ac/heat unit..going to cost some money..
Dh dentures..
It is going to cost us $5000 for him to have dentures put it..can you believe it..we are going to have to take some stocks to pay for this and the heat and air we were saving for retirement but we will double on the stocks..where he works..
Sissies and me age going to be doing post cards for the 4th of there anyone out there that would like to join me..not my sisters, just me..let me know and we can exchange addys..
I have put on 5 lbs..and not doing good on this with me cutting down on the cig..I feel better with the weight off so I this is my first priority for me..but at the same time cut down on the cig..I worked to hard to get it off and I feel great wearing clothes I haven't worn so long..Till next time, have a good day and thank you for visiting my blog and will keep up with what I am doing now. lots of hugs to all, Lorraine


Mary said...

Love the flowers and your nice crock pot --neat to have three mary

LorraineS said...

thank you sis, got your son and grand children on my blog, they are so cute..I bet you can not wait to see them at the end of me thanks for commenting me on my blog..I am finally getting back to blogging and loving it all over love your twin, Lorraine

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