Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flowers and Weeds together but still pretty to look at

My dh friends from work. they came to get the old ac in back..He wanted me to tell you all he is single now...lol He is a riot too, so funny...his name is Charles Taylor..My dh has some wonderful people he works with..
This is sad when you prune around your flowering plants..but at least the red flowers came back this year. I am pretty sure the Angel Wing Begonias won't and the purple flowers that were in the pot when I bought them last year. I will try and do some this weekend..or get sons or dh to help me..

My Pink Peonies in blooming stages. My whites one on the side of the house are still buds..but soon I will be bringing them in to smell the wonderful fragrance in my home.

My dutch irises in my yard with the weeds overpowering them. You can see a red snap dragon popping out of the pot..the only perennial I had planted the rest were annuals..so they won't come back..oh that is my walker in front..lol

My Pink Roses next the gate way to our yard..these are huge roses and the fragrance are just awesome too.l

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