Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Contracting our AC unit

This is Derrik Campbell, he is the one that is finalizing our ac unit here..like I said before I forget how to load the photos this should have last..Thank you, Derrick, you did a great job and never had a sales rep..know his job like you do...Very knowledgeable person..He is taller than my dh and Oh Thank you for your comment on my age..people he is the 6Th person in the last 6 months to compliment me on my age...It feels wonderful...thank you again..I do need to get out more for sure..lol
Derrick and dh, Terry, doing up the contract for my ac. Sounds great too what a deal we are getting. Thank you again..will call you when I am ready for a remodeling of my kitchen..lol Wish you luck in all you endeavors and you new home...

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