Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hand sewn square pin cushion

I just finished this had sewn pin cushion...I am not sure if I like hand sewing, (haven't started that Watercolor quilt yet)..this gave me a bit of practice..I did not what needles to use or thread so did what I knew about what I sew..lol You whipped stitch the pieces together inside out and did my best to not have the threads to show..but with the paper in it it was not that easy for me..but I did get it down and not bad..Hardest thing was sewing the buttons on there as I could not find my doll needle so I uses a basting needle, I am also making coasters..I must have made over 90 in a months time besides cleaning out every drawer and closet I can do myself..it feels good to. I have read 7 books too only at bed time, a chapter at a time, hard but made myself do it. Now all of Jennifer's books are read..
Air condition unit. We have a young man coming over tonight to finalized our contract to have a new unit put in. I just love the offer that have that we can do. We are closing the one year no payments, no interest add nor taxes...so when we pay it off next year, we just the price they quote for the ac..This helps us out as we can just take out what dh needs for teeth and wait till next year for the ac..this save us a lot on penalties..but also we lost a lot per stock so we will get that back in taxes for this year and next year...Yeah Yeah..and also you won't see no ac in my windows anymore either..love this part.
Oh, yesterday was so far the first day I did not wake up with pain where the incision was cut..it was nice..today no pain there but behind the knee..more recovery time..it will be so nice to be without a cane or walker and hope so. I am exercising and I know this is helping a lot.
Have a great evening and thank you for visiting my blog..will put photos of contract signing later this evening..gotta blog it all..lol Lots of hugs to all, Lorraine

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